About Us
  Oakridge farms  

Oakridge Farms is a small herd operation operated by Russ and Kate Dahl located in Deerfield, Wisconsin near the city of Madison. We have focused on building our Red Angus herd with high quality cows that have solid pedigrees and well balanced EPD's. Most of our cows are direct daughters of breed leading A. I. (artificial cattle insemination) sires. Our sincere desire is to produce high quality Red Angus bulls and heifers for commercial operators and seed stock producers.

Our heifers are raised here at the farm on high quality hay or pasture, adding only a modest amount of grain. Our ultimate goal is to produce cattle that are functionally sound with moderate frames and are able to withstand both the heat and the cold we experience here in the Midwest. We are striving toward producing calves that meet these requirements yet have EPD's that are in the top 25 percent or better for each EPD measurement.

Most of our herd has been built around cattle from the Midwest where they must deal with the cold winters and hot summers.

Oakridge Farms